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WO-9622276-A1: Ethylamine derivatives and drugs patent, WO-9933827-A1: Novel imidazole derivatives patent, WO-9956038-A8: Hydraulic torque transmitting device patent, WO-9963623-A9: Extended bandwidth dual-band patch antenna systems and associated methods of broadband operation patent, WO-0016185-A9: System and method for controlling host system interface with user point-of-interest data patent, WO-0041570-A8: Treatment of food products using humidity controlled air patent, WO-0056391-A8: Device and method of guide wire balloon inflation and deflation to prevent cerebral embolization during carotid stenting patent, WO-0057506-A9: Highly conductive molding compounds and fuel cell bipolar plates comprising these compounds patent, WO-0058999-B1: Semiconductor structures having a strain compensated layer and method of fabrication patent, WO-0073956-A9: System, method and computer program for representing priority information concerning components of a system patent, WO-0103014-A9: Method and system for copyright fee management patent, WO-0103493-A9: Developed seed and methods for making the same patent, WO-0116867-A9: Optical reader system comprising local host processor and optical reader patent, WO-0129232-A9: Functional cloning of genes encoding proteins/enzymes involved in proteolytic cleavage patent, WO-0161924-A9: Cable modem system and method for specialized data transfer patent, WO-0164804-A8: Silane-based, coating compositions, coated articles obtained therefrom and methods of using same patent, WO-0181771-A9: Fastening with wide fastening membrane patent, WO-0202399-A9: Device on a subsea vehicle patent, WO-0223566-A9: A lead-less surface mount reed relay patent, WO-0245207-A8: Low profile scanning antenna patent, WO-02078480-A8: Sole construction for energy storage and rebound patent, WO-02094132-A8: Methods and apparatus for regulating the flow of matter through body tubing patent, WO-02100235-A9: Operating system for toilet seat and cover patent, WO-02100629-A8: Method for producing a belt tread having a required tread design of a running surface, method for producing a tyre, method for producing a studded tyre, device for producing a belt tread provided with holes for studs, a studded tyre patent, WO-03008326-A9: Beverage cooler patent, WO-03013183-A8: Improvements in acoustic enclosures patent, WO-03026614-A9: Dosage form containing a confectionery composition patent, WO-03036564-A9: Image analysis patent, WO-03037035-A9: Sound masking system patent, WO-03047162-A8: Policy co-ordination in a communications network patent, WO-03084450-A8: Time or time-temperature indicating articles patent, WO-03095475-A8: Peptide compounds and their use as protease substrates patent, WO-2004022009-A9: Make-up composition for keratin fibres such as eyelashes patent, WO-2004025559-B1: Diffraction grating-based optical identification element patent, WO-2004084803-B1: Method and apparatus for measuring biomechanical characteristics of corneal tissue patent, WO-2004089058-A8: Canonicalization of terms in a keyword-based presentation system patent, WO-2004099403-A8: A method of increasing the total or soluble carbohydrate content or sweetness of an endogenous carbohydrate by catalysing the conversion of an endogenous sugar to an alien sugar. patent, WO-2004109738-B1: Electron emitter and process of fabrication patent, WO-2004110960-A8: Method for applying and forming a film produced from a filmogen polymer aqueous dispersion on a surface based on a still humid mineral binder compound, the thus coated mineral binder compounds and the use thereof patent, WO-2005004837-A8: Intravaginal drug delivery devices patent, WO-2005024065-B1: Cationic dye compound for detecting nucleic acid double strand, and detection method and apparatus using same patent, WO-2005067426-B1: Modifications to telephones in combination of aesthetic and extra-functional values patent, WO-2005117848-A9: Vascular targets for detecting, imaging and treating neoplasia or neovasculature patent, WO-2005118199-A1: Engine driven welder/generator with high power accessory output patent, WO-2006003261-A8: Suction device patent, WO-2006014544-B1: Wellhead hold-down apparatus and method patent, WO-2006022651-A8: System for and method of ensuring accurate shadow mask-to-substrate registration in a deposition process patent, WO-2006060687-B1: Flare stack combustion method and apparatus patent, WO-2006103570-A8: Diagnosis method of alcoholic or non-alcoholic steato-hepatitis using biochemical markers patent, WO-2006116862-A9: Method for inhibiting er stress-induced apoptosis patent, WO-2006120487-A8: Vhs rifle patent, WO-2006121340-B1: Packer-anchoring device patent, WO-2006127651-A9: Material-selectable, self-healing, anti-leak method for coating liquid container patent, WO-2006130333-B1: A system and method for reducing transient response in a fractional n phase lock loop patent, WO-2006135774-A9: Push/pull wire anchor patent, WO-2007000193-A9: Isoflavone nanoparticles and use thereof patent, WO-2007001321-A8: Atom probe electrode treatments patent, WO-2007006876-B1: Device for making inseparable and permanent a fold toilet bag which is placed and welded to the rear side of a layer patent, WO-2007021878-A9: Therapeutic mattress patent, WO-2007023494-A3: Messaging system and method patent, WO-2007068976-A2: Reverse search method and device patent, WO-2007116177-B1: Liquid/gas separator especially for a vacuum cleaner patent, WO-2007139762-A3: Methods and apparatus for managing retention of information assets patent, WO-2007143020-B1: Apparatus, system, method, and computer program for managing transactions involving aviation assets patent, WO-2007149455-A8: System and method for identification of desired traits in animals patent, WO-2008011274-A9: Method for mixing signals with an analog-to-digital converter patent, WO-2008019256-B1: Plasma processing system component analysis software and methods and systems for creating the same patent, WO-2008039138-A8: Novel 5, 7-disubstituted [1, 3 ] thiazolo [4, 5-d] pyrimidin-2 (3h)-one derivatives and their use in therapy patent, WO-2008045503-A9: Acquiring three-dimensional structure using two-dimensional scanner patent, WO-2008076287-A4: Methods of making pharmaceutical components for customized drug products patent, WO-2008096196-A8: A medium for cell culture patent, WO-2008139320-A8: Antireflective coating compositions patent, WO-2009036215-A8: Etching processes used in mems production patent, WO-2009042962-A9: Antidotes for factor xa inhibitors and methods of using the same patent, WO-2009048873-A4: Detection of atypical pneumonia patent, WO-2009050329-A4: Token and a distributed service network which uses it patent, WO-2009068924-A8: Process for the preparation of pharmaceutical i nterm ediates patent, WO-2009086993-A4: Method and apparatus for purifying shale oil from solid impurities patent, WO-2009126515-A8: Compounds and compositions as protein kinase inhibitors patent, WO-2009130556-A4: Apparatus for making an edible container patent, WO-2010077154-A8: A method of producing a novel opioid peptide patent, WO-2010088591-A4: Side illuminated multi point multi parameter optical fiber sensor patent, WO-2010101390-A4: Power supply for anodizing, anodizing method, and anodized film patent, WO-2010117092-A4: Loop heat pipe with nozzle and diffuser patent, WO-2010130889-A8: In situ production of furfural in a controlled amount in an alcohol production unit from a lignocellulosic biomass patent, WO-2011037728-A2: Ampoule for the storage and dispersion of volatile liquids patent, WO-2011061353-A8: Wind power turbine for generating electric energy patent, WO-2011074809-A9: Miscanthus plant named geodae-uksae 1 patent, WO-2011112613-A9: Methods of molding multi-layer polymeric articles having control over the breakthrough of the core layer patent, WO-2011140396-A9: Interference cancellation using a linear receiver patent, WO-2012013229-A8: Therapeutic agent, composition including said agent, implantable device and process for the treatment of cervical cancer and/or for the prevention of the formation of neoplasms in correspondence of the cervix in a human female genital system. patent, WO-2012047907-A9: Synthesis of c5-substituted tetracyclines, uses thereof, and intermediates thereto patent, WO-2012083389-A2: A jack patent, WO-2012150432-A8: Method for identifying antibiotic targets patent, WO-2012158942-A9: Drug treatment of overactive bladder patent, WO-2012173422-A9: A conjugate comprising oxyntomodulin and an immunoglobulin fragment, and use thereof patent, WO-2013054341-A4: Effect of operating parameters on the performance of electrochemical cell in copper-chlorine cycle patent, WO-2013109551-A9: Method and system for transitions of broadcast dash service receptions between unicast and broadcast patent, WO-2013119998-A9: Low grade thermal energy innovative use patent, WO-2013126900-A9: Floating floor system, floor panel, and installation method for the same patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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